Why Now?

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When was the last time you were in the family pictures?

You have been married for 10 years and haven’t had photos taken of you with your husband since the wedding.  You are so busy watching your children grow up from the sweet tiny 7 pounds of innocence to the rambunctious non stop talking giggling child.  While rifling through your semi organized folder crammed with your vacation photos on your computer, you realize your face is missing from the photos.

Where are you in the unfolding story of your life?  Where is that night that you walked together on the beach under the stars, or snuggled up to your husband at a picnic while you watched the children play?  Where is the night when the house was finally quiet and you just stood in the kitchen, holding each other?

Maybe you’ve been shy about putting your camera in others’ hands or maybe it just always feel like you should grow your hair out first or lose ten pounds.  But in the meantime, these treasured years lived side by side with the man you love and the family you cherish are slipping through your fingers, undocumented.

Don’t let these memories pass you by.  Your children will continue growing, your life will always change. Give the ones you love the ability to look back on the memories that will quickly fade as they grow up. These are the moments that mean the most.



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