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How to Smize – Can You Actually Smile With Your Eyes? | Virginia, Photography


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Do you find yourself suddenly feeling self-conscious when you’re trying to take a professional headshot? After all, it can be hard to capture the right combination of seriousness and friendliness in a single glance. But maybe, just maybe, you don’t need to sweat it as much — after all, Tyra Banks coined the term “smizing” for a reason! With some tips on mastering this artful technique, you could gain total confidence in front of that camera lens and wow your audience with an unforgettable photo. So let’s explore how to smize together — because yes, actually it is possible to smile with your eyes!

Tips for Smizing During Your Photoshoot:
1. Relax your facial muscles and maintain eye contact with the camera. Before you even begin, take a few deep breaths to relax your face and clear your mind of any worries or anxieties that could be influencing the shot. After all, smizing is much easier when you’re in a good headspace! Then focus on the camera lens, and keep your eyes locked with it without blinking.

2. Focus on a point in the distance. To build that natural smize, try focusing your gaze at a particular point in the distance — one which you can’t actually see but is far enough away to create gentle eye creases. This will help you create the subtle and pleasing eye creases that will make your smize look natural.

3. Give a little smile with your eyes. The best way to achieve a genuine smize is by giving just the tiniest of smiles, so small that it’s not actually visible on your lips or cheeks. You can create this look by thinking of something or someone that makes you happy. This will help give your eyes a subtle sparkle that’s sure to mesmerize anyone who’s looking at it.

4. Squint slightly and keep your brow relaxed. To make sure there’s no tension in your face, relax the muscles around your eyes, and squint just slightly. This will help soften the look of your eye creases and make them look natural.

5. Practice, practice, practice! Just like any skill, mastering the perfect smize takes some time and effort. So don’t be afraid to practice in front of a mirror until you get it right! With just a little bit of work, you’ll be smizing like a pro in no time.

Whenever you find yourself in front of the camera, don’t be afraid to let your eyes smile. Smizing is a skill, and with some practice and now all of these tips in mind, you can become a master at it. Plus, they make for the best headshots! Whether it’s for a website bio or business materials, getting that perfect shot could make all the difference — so why not practice? And when you’re totally sold on the art of smizing and need that professional eye to capture it perfectly, reach out to Alimond Studio! With lots of experience in the industry and a knack for creating lasting memories with a truly remarkable image, they’ll be able to help guide you through your photoshoot journey. So get ready to smile with those eyes because this could just be one step in a long history of amazing photographs!

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