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Are you resonating with people in your Video Content Marketing Strategy? Turn YouTube views into clients with this video content marketing strategy, which also works for any social media platform. 

The goal is to create content that converts, whether it’s video, blog, photos, social media captions… all of that harnesses this one very universal concept.

Your goal with your content is to help your customer. 

Remember back in the 90’s when you’d walk into a store, and the person working would approach you and say, “Hi. How may I help you?” 
That is the goal. Right there. Except nowadays, you have to come up with the answer to that question for them. The way to do that is to provide tons of free content, strategically designed with these important elements.

Problem / Solution

Your content should help your audience self diagnose the problems they are having with your solution. You want the person watching your video or reading your content to think, “That’s my problem! That’s me! That’s so me. And YOU are my best solution to that problem.” 

You can try to approach it from a logical standpoint: “My customer wants to move from renting to owning a home because it would be practical to invest time and money into something they own rather than something someone else owns.” 

You can also try to approach it from an emotional standpoint: “My customer wants to move from renting to owning a home because owning your own land feels empowering and grounded. They want to paint the walls, redo the kitchen, and create their own space.” 

But the idea is to reach into their hearts or into their minds, relate, and resonate. Prove to them that “you get it.” You understand. The struggle is validated. Now let’s pivot to comfort. Let’s pivot to glory. Let’s pivot to your solution. Let’s pivot to you and how you can help them overcome, transform, and transcend. 

Curated and Filtered Content

The best sales clerk is the person who you can say, “I need a funeral dress that doesn’t look prudish but doesn’t look like I’m happy either. Also, I don’t want a belt or anything that is too short.” And she goes and gets you 3 perfect dresses that fit that bill. 

The best sales clerk is the person who you can ask, “What’s trending in fashion this season?” and she not only tells you, but shows you clothes that are trending with fun facts like, “Kim Kardashian wore something like this,” or “this is our best seller.” 

The best helper to a customer is not only someone who works there, but someone who knows the industry and can curate the best. Someone who can filter down the results to exactly what the customer is looking for. 

Sometimes it’s not about giving options, but also taking some away, simplifying the decision making process.

This is the part where you want to give expert advice. The best way to approach the situation. It stretches beyond knowledge and delves into wisdom and understanding.

Expertise, Authority and Trust

The good ole Google EAT is not only favored by algorithms, but also by human minds. Your customer has fears and barriers standing in the way between them and a purchase they want to make. One of those fears is that it won’t work. In order to help people believe that your solution will work, that it’s not a waste of time or money, is to establish that trust, and you do it by showing your expertise and enthusiasm.

Both expertise and enthusiasm. 

By providing free content via video, social media, and blog articles, you establish that expertise and authority on a subject in order to develop a trust bond by sharing what you know, by showing how you solve problems, by believing in the customer before they are a paid customer. 

Edutainment + Social Proof

We like the word edutainment to mean Education + Entertainment. See what we did there? 

And your video marketing content should be both educational and entertaining, but also, you can really help people go to the next step if your content provides social proof that you are a great solution, and that the potential client is someone you have experience helping.

This includes case studies, testimonials, celebrations, stories, and any content you have of your client showing how happy they are with your services. 

  • A car salesman might take a photo of people (with their permission of course) standing next to their new car for their social media. 

  • A real estate agent might show a small house warming gift they give to new homeowners to showcase the celebration (even better if the homeowners are in the picture or video). 

  • An attorney might show a google review or a comment where they were highly recommended by a former client. 

But the idea is to provide the social evidence that your solution solved someone’s problem (without violating privacy and confidentiality, of course).


So many times, people ask, “Does this person work with people like me?” Show that your solution helps various specific people.  As photographers, we often get asked, “I’ve seen you work with attorneys for their professional headshots, but can you do real estate agents?” And yes we can. 

But even beyond that, people want to know if you can help them where they are in life, as well as who they are on a softer side. Someone looking for a business systems specialist might want to know if that person works with people who are neurodiverse. Or maybe someone looking for a professional organizer wants to know if they work with large families. Someone looking for a publicist might want to know if they help people who are at the beginning of their journey. 

But show that you work with different industries and provide different solutions to different people to help people get over any humps that sit between them and the next step.

Abundance Mindset

Do not have a scarcity mindset when it comes to the information you give people. Approaching the information with an abundance mindset gives people real value, which helps improve the trust, the expertise, and shows that you can help people you help.

Remember, your paid solution isn’t always for everyone. You have a target market with specific needs, specific goals, and specific allowances. It’s ok to provide free information that solves a problem for someone who is not going to be a client because when you do that, you break the ice and establish a trust bond with people who are going to be a client. 

You will never hurt your business by providing too much information, or too good of information.  In fact, by leading with your best foot forward, by giving your best for free, you create a reputation for yourself with a potential client that they will see value in the paid product before they even receive the paid product. 

Once people decide you are the bees knees, it’s really hard to convince them otherwise. 

They will decide their opinion of your services before you service them. They will decide how good you are before you are hired. Not after you’re done with the work.  So have that abundance mindset and share the best of you. Share what you have. 

Bottomless Bag of Goodies

Would you rather receive a giant candy bar at random (it might be exactly what you love, it might be exactly what you hate) or a box of chocolates that is sure to have something you love and possibly some you don’t like? 

You want your content to be in bite sized, digestible pieces so that people can decide, like a box of chocolates, if that chocolate is for them or not.  But also, because your content is in bite sized pieces, they can quickly see the piece of content they are craving. They can pass over the caramels and go straight to the truffles. Or vice versa. 

So with that said, don’t overwhelm people with everything you got at once on a plate. Instead, provide information in bite-sized digestible pieces with easy steps to get to the next piece.

Like a bottomless bag of goodies. 

Friendship Vibe

People love to refer friends because they want to help out friends. When a friend needs a plumber, if you know a plumber, you like to recommend him because then you help two friends. Plus it feels good when you know a guy. Problem solved.

If the bulk of your content passes the barriers of the digital world and feels just as real as hanging out with you talking about what you do for a little bit on a regular basis, then people will feel like they know you. They know a guy who does that, and they will be inclined to recommend you, even if they have never hired you in the past.

Make sure that your video content establishes some kind of friendship vibe where you are talking to the listener like you are talking to a client in the same room. You want people to feel like they know you, like they met you already, and you are some kind of friend or acquaintance now.  

CTA – Call to Action

This is the most important part of your video content marketing to help turn views into conversions, or any content marketing for that matter. Have a call to action.

“Buy Now” is a great call to action, but not every piece of content should ask for money or a purchase. Other CTA’s can include watch the next video, save, share, like, subscribe or follow, read this, watch this, attend this, free opt-ins to an email list… 

The idea is to take a cold audience, and keep them with you until they get warm. Give them the next step. Give them the next piece of chocolate you offer in your bottomless bag of goodies.

And the more simple it is for them to make the decision and perform the step, the more likely they are to take the step. A small step as opposed to a steep step. Something that’s easy to do.  Additionally, it should be a related step. 

If you are a restaurant sharing video of your best burgers, and your next step is to check out your video on Vegan Tips, you may not get too many clicks. Make sure that the heart of what people are wanting from your content is shared with the next step. Someone looking at a video of a restaurant’s burgers without any cooking tips is probably trying to decide if they want to eat there or not, so maybe a link to the menu and prices, or location and hours of operation.

So the elements of a great video content marketing strategy entail providing the problem and solution, curating the best, establishing expertise and enthusiasm, being educational and entertaining but also providing social proof, establishing identities, providing value with an abundance mindset, having a bottomless bag of goodies, being friendly and leaving a related, easy to implement, call to action. 

If you happen to be in the Washington DC area, we have a free workshop we provide in our studio called YouTube Local that tells you everything you need to know to create your own video content using your phone. We would love to meet you face to face and have you there. Or you can watch our Live Video training if you can’t make it to the DC area. Sign up today! It’s free. 

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