My Growth Tribe

Our Next Growth Tribe is on
May 12th 2023 from 10 am – noon
Location: Alimond Studio in Sterling, VA
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My Growth Tribe is a space for professionals who are ready to take control of their future by showing up in spaces of other like-minded individuals ready to grow their networks…because truly your network is your net worth.

Whether you own your own business, you are a working professional, or looking to meet other people in the community.

You understand the importance of creating strategic partnerships and cultivating relationships with other people.

We will bring a special guest for activities, a live conversation with Q&A for you to learn from WHILE you get to connect with others in an active and authentically structured environment.

We have a max of 25 people, so please be sure to sign up ASAP if you’re interested in joining.

Come prepared to meet some amazing people that are ready to help you grow your business!


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