Video Lab – For Marketing Agencies + Studio Rental

The Video Lab –
Video & Photo Studio Rental


If you are looking to rent space for your next video shoot / subcontract a video production for your clients, check out the Video Lab located conveniently in Sterling, Virginia.

  • No. This is for the marketing company who already has an editor and looking to either rent the space for their own videographer to film their clients or to rent the space and have our videographers film your clients and deliver to you the unedited footage for you to send to your own editors.

  • If you reserve the “Studio with a Videographer “ option, we will deliver all content within 24 hours filmed in 4K via a Google Drive Folder.

  • As long as we don’t have anyone else scheduled after you, you can extend your time. You will be charged up to a $500/hourly fee. We recommend you get a 4 hour package if you think it’ll be between 3-4 hours so that you’re not stressed on time.

    Your time starts when you arrive and ends when you leave. If you happen to go over your time, you can pay at the studio or we can invoice you.

  • No. We have reserved the time for you already and no one else can book that date/time.

  • If the booking is canceled less than 72 hours before your filming date/time the fee is nonrefundable. If canceled prior to 72 hours before the reserved date/time you will receive a refund.

  • We are happy to do this one time per booking. If you need to reschedule again, you will be charged a reschedule fee of 25% of your total booking cost.

  • Feel free to bring in your own equipment – we are located on the ground level with easy access to load/unload equipment.

  • Please don’t bring in alcohol, open flame, glitter, flour or anything else that is messy.

    We ask that you clean up after yourself and return everything where you found it – or you will be billed a housekeeping fee of $350.

  • You may use any equipment/lighting/chairs/couches/ desks at the studio at no additional fees. Anything you do use, though, you will be responsible for in case of any damage.

  • No. Your client would arrive with their script for the teleprompter / any special directions and our team will properly light/film/capture audio (when you choose Video Lab with Videographer option). If you choose Video Lab Rental Only, you would arrive with your own videographer to set everything up.



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