Top Ten Headshot Uses


1). Social Networking Sites such as facebook/twitter

2). Professional Networking Sites such as LinkedIn 

3). Your Email Signature

4). Your Business card

5).  Your own website by yourself and with your team

6). Press Release 

7). Book Cover/Publications

8). Cover photos for presentations

9). Blog Comments / Online Communities

10). Brochures/Articles/Advertisting Materials


As you can see, your headshot is your personal brand. I guess you could say its your personal logo.  We all know in business you have one chance to make a first impression.  That first impression has already been made the second they see your headshot. Your image should represent how you want the world to see you.  Your photo equals INFINITE opportunities to make a positive impression – and promote your personal brand.  


What does YOUR headshot say about you?

If you want to update and change YOUR personal logo, please reach out to me here, and we can discuss how to get you scheduled.

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