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Have you ever considered what having a brandfilm would do to grow your business?

Give your clients clearly defined reasons on why YOU are the obvious choice for them.


You probably have a lot of objections to why you’re currently not using the #1 strategy that Fortune 500 companies, celebrities and billion dollar entrepreneurs are strategically using to sky rocket their business sales. Some of those objections include not knowing who should be in the video, the price of video production, unaware of the production process or even what your brandstory truly is all about…

We will guide your through our five step process to build your brandfilm with you.


Alimond’s BrandFilm Process


What this program will do for you

We can help you discover your brandstory and create a BrandFilm that aligns with your goals and your audience. We do this with our 5 step Alimond Process that will attract and engage your audience and help convert them to raving fans and customers. 

Who this video program is for

Small business owners, consultants, companies, government contractors, service-based companies who are dedicated to getting to the next level with their business and finally look the part on their website and in front of prospective clients and customers.


Show your process-

People do business with people, not companies.  Be sure you give your audience the opportunity to feel comfortable with you and trust you.  These videos are customized around your values, what you believe in while also giving the viewer the opportunity to connect with you authentically.


Mike Stein – McLean Mortgage


Nicolette Boxe – Hunt Country – Sotheby’s International Realty


Build Trust

Allow others to understand your process, with your stories and understand your why behind your business. 

Five Stones


Vesta Settlements



Stand Out

Truly stand out with your Brand Films that help differentiate you from everyone else.  Let your culture and personality shine through with a mix of testimonials, your professional “why” and your company values to help drive in more clients/patients.

Common Ground Childcare


RxWellness Spine & Health



Client Testimonials





Virginia Wallen

GinnyBins Custom Creations



Marla Gebaide

Centreville Chiropractic Center



Larry Justice

McLean Mortgage


Ready to Discover your brand story?

Start a conversation by scheduling your call with the Alimond Team.


Alimond’s 5 Step Video process

Step 1 – Define: Defining Your Video Goals and Objectives

We will begin this step on our initial call together. After we get started working together we will refine this before we begin filming.

 Step 2 – Discover: Uncovering Your Brand Story

Whether you know your brand story or you need help discovering it, we have a framework we walk you through to extract and create the perfect story to build trust, attract your perfect client and emotionally connect with them from the moment they land on your website.

Step 3 – Develop: Developing Your Creative Concept and Storyboard

We will take it from here and produce your creative concept options and present it to you. We may tweak it so that it is 100% perfect for how YOU want your business to show up online in your BrandFilm. From there we will storyboard out your video shoot to make sure we get all the AMAZING shots to help tell your company story.

Step 4 – Direct: Directing Your Video Shoot and Post-Production

Alimond Studio will direct and edit your video so that everything perfectly aligns with your vision and it looks amazing.

 Step 5 – Deploy: Deploying and Measuring Your Video Campaign

We help guide you through the process to make sure your video has a proper launch campaign so that you get the most attention on your video as soon as you release it as well as over the years.


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