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Your curated guide to effortless, photoshoot prep guide — our favorite things to wear and bring in for your photoshoot. 


Nestled in Downtown Leesburg, we have over two floors of beautiful rooms, backgrounds, sets and props for us to create images in.

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Easy guide to print off to help you get ready for your photoshoot with Alimond Studio.



These are the amazing partners we work to help you get ready for your photoshoot.

We believe that

Perception is Reality

You Deserve to be Seen

You are Worthy

The Opportunities are Limitless

At Alimond Studio we exist to help you look and feel good---both in your images, videos and in life.  You will build great things ---so take the first step and get started.  Success is on the other side of fear - so congrats on signing up for your photoshoot and betting on yourself -- you deserve it.


Get more inspiration and check out the Alimond Pinterest Page for different ideas.

ideas for you to bring in

Personalized Props

Feel free to bring in props that make sense for your session.  We have a whole set of practical items we can use for your photoshoot - but we always LOVE when our clients bring in their own as well!

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Download the Color Guide

Make it easy on yourself to figure out the colors you should incorporate within your clothing, props and overall theme of your photoshoot.

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If you're into growing your community, building your personal brand + looking good while doing it all ... You've come to the right place.

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