Why Alimond

Did you know…

Your prospective clients are judging whether they want to do business with you within the first 7 seconds of looking at your photo on social media before booking a call with you?

If the photo you are currently using doesn’t reflect an updated version of you that says you are: 

  1. Trusthworthy

  2. Confident

  3. Professional

  4. Competent

It’s time for you to update your headshot with Alimond Studio.

Your photo is either inviting a prospect to want to do business with you or it’s the quiet deterrent that is pushing them away – all without you ever even realizing it.  


Set yourself up for success in 2020.

Who is Alimond for…

At Alimond, we create headshots for professionals that want to look amazing but don’t feel like they are “photogenic”.  What we have discovered is there is a true art to capturing our client’s personality and translating that flawlessly in a photo.  

  • If you feel that you have never had an amazing headshot AND it’s VITAL to you to make a PHENOMENAL first impression than Alimond Studio is a perfect fit for you.

  • If you are invested in seeing results with your content marketing in 2020

  • If you are dedicated to standing behind your product/services and understand the importance of putting a face behind a business.

  • If you want to create professional, approachable, confident headshots and branding images with an Alimond Photographer that is dedicated to helping your brand and your business thrive through perfectly captured headshots

  • If you are willing to invest your time and resources into truly creating a thriving brand that WILL see the results you’ve been wanting to achieve in 2022.

Who Alimond is not for…

Do NOT choose Alimond if –

  • You believe any ‘ol headshot will work, you’re just looking for a quick shot of yourself that the people at the DMV could have shot for you. At Alimond we SPECIALIZE in headshots and its an artform we pride ourselves in.  We are IN LOVE with our Alimond Experience and we want to work with clients that value and care about their image as well!  

Why Choose Alimond?

We have a Headshot Guide to guarantee successful headshots and we offer headshot design consults for our full studio/on-location sessions.

We are the only photography studio in the area that has a headshot guide that will guide you through everything you need to know to create the perfect headshots.  When you know every step of the process and you feel confident and prepared, it’ll come through in your images.

We have secret “pixie dust”

Alimond Studio has pixie dust others are desperately trying to replicate. Our proven retouching techniques guarantee you still look like yourself – but on your very best day.

We are flexible

We can come to you or you can come to us.  Our two story 2000 square foot headshot studio will give you MANY options and looks to choose from.  Or, if you prefer, we can come to you for your headshot images!

We specialize in people that HATE getting their photos taken

If you read this and thought, “Yup, I take HORRIBLE images”.  That’s exactly why our clients choose us. They know they don’t need to come in here as an experienced model in order to get Forbes cover magazine worthy images.  We know exactly how to pose and bring out your personality. After photographing 10,000 people we’ve definitely mastered it!

Easy to use booking system

You are busy – we get it.  Our entire booking system is online.  You’ll also receive your headshot guide and the ability to reschedule online as well.  If you want to give us a call, we are here for you, but we are set up to save you time and offer you the convenience of booking on your own schedule and time!

Natural Poses

We don’t believe in stuffy, unnatural looking poses.  We want you to look like a confident, approachable celebrity like professional. We have a proven system to help allow your personality come through while looking natural in your photos.


We offer variety so you have many options.  There is no limit on locations around our studio or outfits / accessory changes.

Associate with Fortune 500 Brands

We are the headshot photographer for many local Fortune 500 CEO’s. We are trusted and recommended by billion dollar companies and we have mastered the art of creating authentic and engaging headshots that will capture attention and help elevate your brand.

Grow your social media presence

We help you grow your social media presence with our full set of trustworthy, approachable and authentic images because you will have content to use for an entire year.  


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