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 I know I’m going to sound like a bragging mom, but my kids are TRULY the greatest kids on the planet!  They are kind, compassionate, and genuinely care about other people.  They are also fun and funny!  We love to laugh, make each other laugh, laugh at each other and laugh with each other!  We are a goofy bunch 🙂

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  1. Lisa T. says:

    Beautiful kids, and mom too!

  2. Larenda says:

    Pretty soon they’ll be taller than you! You are all so cute and photogenic 🙂

  3. Holly Feather says:

    You all have those same beautiful eyes!!!!!!!!!

  4. Peri says:

    you 4 are caaa-ute! aside from the image being a little fuzzy, your beauty shines through – each & every one of ya. =) good luck – I think it’s time for a mantle-worthy picture! xo

  5. Annie says:

    Such a beautiful (and deserving) family. They are truly a team and it would be great for them to have photos of this great time of their lives. So often photographers focus on young children’s photos. But this "teenage" family is so special!

  6. Karen says:

    Sooo beautiful! You guys are so deserving of a family photo!!

  7. David says:

    Be the first to photograph them before they’re on the cover of Elle, SI, and Time Persons of the Year.

  8. Holly says:

    Beautiful – inside and out!

  9. mary krueger says:

    no doubt they are family! great smiles and very photogenic! they will make the photographer look good.

  10. Gretchen says:

    What a beautiful family! You can see the happiness radiate – which is what makes a great photo. God bless!

  11. Nancy Smith says:

    The Debergh’s rock! They need to win, they are kind, nice, funny and generous!

  12. Avery Marelli says:

    Great picture!!

  13. Michelle Hoffmann says:

    Great family who deserves a great family picture!

  14. Carolyn says:

    Such a beautiful family! You guys have incredible eyes! I hope you win, I’d love to see nice professional photographs highlighting those dazzling eyes!

  15. Mike H says:

    Hope this family wins!!

  16. Audra Weisberg says:

    Beautiful family! Hope you win Sue-Anne!

  17. Aliyah Dastour says:

    Sue-Anne DeBergh family is the most photogenic family with the most beautiful smiles. Their photo is very simple and natural. Sue-Anne’s family portrait deserves to win!!!!

    -John Debergh

  18. Aliyah Dastour says:

    Shelley M. Green

  19. Deb Vincent says:

    I LOVE this picture!!! You all are a good looking family with beautiful smiles!!!

  20. E. Hanson says:

    Each portrait competing tells a thousand words. Having said that, the DeBergh family portrait tells a story about a good looking family with strong moral values and sense of humor that carries them from one moment to next. You couldn’t go wrong selecting this portrait as the winner. Good luck DeBergh family. I hope your portrait is selected.

  21. Leslie says:

    Beautiful family!

  22. Aliyah Dastour says:

    “We would love to see SueAnne’s family winning this competition and we believe that the pictures would inspire other families to use this photographer for their family photos – especially with the holidays coming up!”
    -John Pracher & Amy Reich

  23. Maureen Hulbert says:

    My daughter and her kids would make great models for any photographer!

  24. Bob says:

    Great kids, great mom, great pic!

  25. Carrie, Bill, Kelleigh, and Ben says:

    WE VOTE FOR THE DEBERGHS!!! -The Wrights 🙂

  26. Dawn Peters says:

    Wholeheartedly backing to entire DeBergh family! Hope you win!

  27. Joe R says:

    What a family – you guys are great!

  28. BT says:

    Those are some million dollar smiles DeBergh family. You get my vote !

  29. Aliyah Dastour says:

    I couldn’t think of a more deserving or loving family that could use this photo session


  30. Ann DiRoberto says:

    Beautiful family, inside and out! DeBergh’s have my vote! 🙂

  31. Misty Marelli says:

    Great deserving family that is beautiful in every way!

  32. Marcie Kohl says:

    Fabulous family!!

  33. Christine Kerr says:

    Beautiful family!

  34. Jennie Kroll says:

    Gorgeous family!!! They definitely have our vote! Beautiful inside and out!

  35. Laurie says:

    This family deserves the win! Look at those smiles.

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