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I love to travel, love nature and animals.


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  1. Olivia Devescovi says:

    You have a very womanly, exotic, intriguing, and real look.

  2. sunny thomas says:

    She looks exotic. sexy. beautiful, and could bore 20 healthy children.

  3. sharmin says:

    Your dress up perfect for this picture. So beautiful. All the best.

  4. Maimuna says:

    That’s my beautiful and stylish aunt!!!

  5. Christine says:

    Tahsin always looks fabulous! So photogenic!

  6. Mary says:

    exotic! first word that came to mind and see it is a common theme – Tahsin would be a great candidate and worthy of a photo shoot.

  7. Tazreen Virk says:

    Tahsin, amazing photo. Always photogenic and a great sense of style. You look good in whatever you wear. Good luck, you should win this contest.

  8. SueAnne DeBergh says:

    Beautiful woman on the inside and out!

  9. Habib Huq says:

    Most beautiful woman in the world!!

  10. Rez Sakhawat says:

    An all rounder ~ caring mom, loving wife, outstanding party planner and a homemaker no less too! how she still manages to remain more gorgeous then this snap ? …. Amazing ~

  11. Mitu Imam says:

    You remind me of a exotic Bollywood actress…stunning!

  12. Nusrat Ahmed says:

    Beautiful background and beautiful lady

  13. Preanka Hai says:

    I think you look like Madhuri Dixit.

  14. Audra Weisberg says:

    Beautiful Picture Tahsin!

  15. Ira says:

    You deserve to win this on a heart beat…

  16. Sabrina Islam says:

    You are the most talented woman I have ever met

  17. Rumana says:

    Great work and all the best

  18. Ellen says:

    You are so beautiful and it’s an easy win

  19. Ranu says:

    You look beautiful

  20. Bobby says:

    You deserve it, no one comes close to you

  21. Sarah says:

    Beautiful as always

  22. Aliyah Dastour says:

    Tahsin. You are the most Gorgeous women in the world darling. I will be very disappointed if you don’t win which I wont cause you must win.

    -Mariam Imam

  23. Sue Reardon says:

    Love it! You are gorgeous

  24. Brian says:

    Combination of sassy and classic

  25. Justin says:

    Wow.. You are getting younger every day

  26. Muna says:

    You look stunning

  27. Aliyah Dastour says:

    Shelley M. Green

  28. Babu says:

    Absolutely gorgeous

  29. Zeenat says:


  30. Tracey says:

    I can’t believe you have a 14 year old… Graceful!

  31. Lisa says:

    Gorgeous girl

  32. Shaheen says:

    Tahsin. You are the most Gorgeous women in the world darling. I will be very disappointed if you don’t win which I wont cause you must win.

  33. Nahida Haque says:

    Uma Thurman

  34. Labonno says:

    Hello gorgeous

  35. Sutapa Das says:

    My god! Beautiful

  36. Susanna Ahmad says:

    The most beautiful woman ever!!

  37. Maria says:

    You look hot! Love your dress

  38. Rashika says:

    Beautiful as always

  39. Iffat Ali says:

    Looking pretty and can’t get my eyes of you

  40. Terri Randolf says:

    You look gorgeous tahsin!

  41. Rumana says:

    Queen of Alaska

  42. Sabrina Islam says:

    Should make the cover of the next issue of Vogue!

  43. Sarwat says:

    HOT mama! Looking lovely…love your make-up here

  44. Farzana says:

    oh so beautiful tahsin! you get better each day. xoxo

  45. Seemab says:

    u better tell me ur beauty secret, u look smoking hot girl

  46. Nina says:

    Stunning n gorgeous as ever!!

  47. Ellen Brown says:

    Tahsin: What is this deal you get hotter each year

  48. Bushra says:

    I saw you almost after 20 years u still look the same even more sexy and beautiful

  49. sutapa das says:

    You look beautiful, my dear.

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