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Alimond Studio: Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Professional Headshots


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Okay, so you are the marketing director for your company.  You are trying to figure out what the benefits are to working with a professional photographer to update the entire companies headshots.

Look no further, as we have listed our top 5 reasons your company should invest in Headshots with Alimond Studio.

  1. Similiar to an updated website, updated headshots show your current and prospective clients you are keeping up with your business.  Kind of like when you bump inro the CEO of that big firm you just met last week at the local coffee shop wearing his old t-shirt and his comfy pants, it almost takes you back for a moment as you try to figure out why he’s not wearing his pressed pants and button down top you’re so used to seeing him in.  When you want others to take you serious, it’s important they see the people who run your organization as true professionals.
  2. It is the first impression you will make with the world AND your prospective client.  Have you ever went to meet with a marketing firm and the person who stands in front of you doesn’t resemble the same person you researched a few days before online?  They no longer have long beautiful hair that reminded you of your mother’s hair growing up.  Rather, it is now a short pixie cut with blonde highlights at the tips.  It’s not that you wouldn’t have met with her if you saw what she actually looked like now, but just that slight feeling of disappointment as your expectations weren’t met within the first second of meeting with her..  Not a good way to start a new relationship .
  3. You never know when the CEO/CFO/Project Manager will be asked to submit their headshot because the local news wants to do a story on them or a client needs to show the rest of the team who will be working on that big project you submitted your proposal for.
  4. It drives up company morale to know you have invested in making sure your employees are represented in a way that makes them look good.  They will feel proud to be a part of the team (in addition to many other reasons of course!).  Personally, I’ve heard too many stories about how embarrassed individuals are with their company headshot that they refuse to upload it on LinkedIn or show anyone for that matter.  Why wouldn’t you want your employees to be proud of where they work?  It all starts with the image.  You want to make sure your employees face matches your brands face with professionalism, quality and pride.
  5. Having said that, your companies headshots are an extension of your brand.  If you have all of your employees photographed against a blue and gray marbled background with the “no smile” expression, it tells the viewer you are boring, not creative, and very traditional.  Now if that is part of your brand, than you have the perfect headshot.  But I’d like to believe your company is made up of approachable people who are knowledgeable and confident in what they do.  It’s important their headshots are saying that same message.  

    Remember that communication isn’t just verbal.  What you are wearing? How high or low is your chin positioned? Are you smiling or do you look stoic?  Are your photos overly photoshopped or do you look natural?

     They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which thousand words do your picture communicate about your company and your brand?  

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