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“Let it go, Let it go, can’t hold it back anymore” was echoing in the studio as the lighting strobes were firing away. 

“Do you have kids?” I asked.

“Yes, a 7 year old little girl”.

“Perfect, so I’m sure this song is one of your favorites! Now turn your head slightly to the right and push your head down and forward just like a turtle” I said as I was waving my hand around to give him an idea of how I wanted him to shift his pose. 

Little feet were treading outside in the lobby as I realized my next clients had brought their child in with them.  I could already imagine she was out there jamming out to Frozen’s theme song which was playing in the studio. 

Apparently, Pandora than got a little confused as the next song starts with Nicki Minaj  “My anaconda don’t want none unless you’ve got buns hun!”.  I immediately excused myself with my current client as I placed my camera down and rushed to hit “skip” on Pandora. 

I completed my current session and invited my next clients in for their mini shoot.  As I invited Mom, Dad, and their Sweetie into the studio for their session, I sheepishly apologized for the fun variety Pandora decided to surprise me with going from Frozen to Anaconda.  To my delight, she didn’t even hear it before I skipped to the next track. 

Within minutes of Dad’s session, Sweetie volunteered to be my helper by standing behind me and shaking her hips to the beat of the song.  Remind you that she is only three years old and with each twist her little braids would swing across her face as her father, who just moments ago declared he doesn’t ever smile, was now laughing.

“So Sweetie, what does your daddy dance to at home?”

“Oh you know, Taylor Swift and stuff”.

Before the conclusion of Mom and Dad’s headshot session, I overheard Sweetie whisper, “when do I get to have my turn?”.

“Alright Sweetie! It’s YOUR turn now!”  She immediately raced over to the soft white couch her mom was posed on beautifully and jumped right on her lap with confidence and poise.  As soon as I drew my camera up, she buried her head down into Mom’s lap and began giggling.



We kicked off our first headshot day for 2015 with lots of new professional, yet approachable headshots for different professions ranging from lawyers to dentists to event planners and IT Firms.  They needed headshots which make them look professional and approachable so they could do everything from find a new job, send out a press release, update their website photo, and help book more speaking engagements.

As I met with each person I found out what they were looking for in their headshot.  With multiple areas for different “looks” I would maneuver myself quickly to give each person many looks so they have options when selecting their headshot.  I would often try to squeeze myself into areas I would normally fit 3 months ago, but now could not.  Feeling like a large cat with her whiskers trimmed, my clients were often chuckling as me and my pregnant belly got stuck between a perfectly positioned reflector and a table.

Taking silly “selfie” inspired shots to send his wife so she knew how serious he was being at his headshot session to helping a client relax while her cheek was quivering as she smiled, it was an exciting and inspiring day full of lots of laughter and gorgeous photos.

You know, you really need to let people know you exist. People think you have to drive to DC in order to get a great looking headshot. But you’re right here in Leesburg! No need to drive all the way out there and fight the traffic and waste time.

Thank you, I’ll be sure to let everyone know 🙂


We still have two days left if you’re interested in signing up to get a great headshot at a great price!  Check it out below!

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