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I was contracted by a large corporation to photograph their 900 employees in a way which makes them look like they are outdoors / in front of a window.  Unfortunately we would be in a dark conference room with no natural light.  They even showed me a photo which they liked, but of course it was taken in front of a bright window.  After reaching out to a handful of local printers for a custom printed backdrop, none of them got back to me and I was in a crunch for time.  I finally studied the photos and decided to channel my inner 3 year old finger painting genius.  After buying supplies from Michael’s, I created the masterpiece below.  Knowing I would have my 70-200 lens on my camera and the background would be out of focus, I was concentrating on making sure I had the correct colors and similar shapes as seen in the sample photo provided to me.

I must admit I am pretty impressed with the way the photos turned out as it got the results that was needed and I did the background all on my own! (Even though it could be argued my two little kids did the work for me).

While it did strike up some fun conversations with the crowd, they were equally impressed with the results when I showed them their photo.

Thinking outside the box is not only a great way to approach any challenge, but it’s also a lot of fun when you involve finger paint!  

Pull back photo of backdrop

Pull back photo of backdrop


Sample Photo taken in front of backdrop in darkly lit conference room.

Sample Photo taken in front of backdrop in darkly lit conference room.


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  1. Krystal Britton Hart says:

    You are amazing!

  2. Carrie says:


  3. Susan says:

    Beautiful picture, very creative idea! Love your way of thinking outside of the box!

  4. Kaira Boston says:

    This is awesome and love the lesson learned about getting outside of the box literally! You are super smart and talented! <3

  5. Diane Shaw says:

    Just another fantastic job! You’re so great at what you do.

  6. natalie perkins says:

    love it and I probably would have loved it just the way it’s painted too!!!!! yay for abstract art 🙂

  7. amira says:

    Love it!!

  8. Carson R says:

    Thank you for sharing this

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