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3 Steps to Improve Your Set of Dating Profile Pictures


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I was in a session with a client one afternoon and we were discussing online dating profile pictures. I was given an assignment to jump on some popular dating sites- just see what type of bad photos some people were posting. I looked through Match, eHarmony, and okCupid. 

Aside from the outdated and horrendous images I stumbled upon, I also saw so many different articles with advice on what profile pictures you should post to a dating profile. For example, “ab-shots” (picture of a man without a shirt and showing off his abs) only work on men younger than 25, so maybe consider covering up a bit. 

After reading through about five different advice columns, I realized they were full of contradictions. One would recommend taking a picture with your pet to show you’re a dog person or don’t include your pet in your picture because it is awkward. Or take a group photo with your friends to show you are social or don’t because no one wants to play “Where’s Waldo” on your profile. As a married woman, I have no need for a dating site profile, but I sympathize for my friends on these sites because there is no solid advice on what to post. 

Plus, why are people throwing up photos that don’t represent them as their best selves? Is it because they aren’t aware of how awful the photos make them look?  Is it because they aren’t sure where to go for a “dating profile” set of images?  Is it because they’re just “trying out the online dating scene” and don’t want to invest too much time, effort or resources into it?

After looking through several articles, I brought together a good set of three uncomplicated recommendation on what pictures you should post on your online dating profile today. 

1.) A photo with a genuine smile because happiness is beautiful. A warm, friendly smile shows you’re relaxed and comfortable, which means you’ll come across as confident and secure. Let someone imagine how fun it’ll be right there next to you. Plus, 5 duck-face photos in a row can get exhausting. 

 2.) A full body shot because you are beautiful. This show that you’re not hiding anything. There is so much more to yourself than your face. People are more receptive to the confidence and honesty in full body photos. Pick a photo that shows you being you, the right person will love it.

3.) An up-to-date photo because beauty is forever. Yes, we look a lot different than we did 10 years ago, but beauty remains. We are our worst critics and you might be losing opportunities to meet people who love your so-called flaws! Show your physical appearance and age with honesty. People will find your self-confidence really attractive.

As a headshot photographer, my goal is to capture my clients personality in every photo, which anyone on the dating scene can benefit from. If you haven’t had much luck online for yourself, or heck even if you know someone who is going through some fun online dating adventures and KNOW they could do SO MUCH BETTER with some personality filled photos for their dating profile, have them book one of the spots here. 

Whether you have a profile on, or heck even or you could probably benefit from updated photos to upload. Book your session today!

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