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Do you have a blueprint for success?

I’m going to give you tips on how to ENGAGE so you can:

  • Explore your meaning

  • Narrow your goals

  • Generate a plan

  • Anticipate roadblocks

  • Gain persistence

  • Elevate yourself

Exploring your meaning

With being a small business owner, you may feel like you’re teetering on a tight rope, trying to find the medium point where there’s passion and also profit. You can’t run your business without either.

What’s the first step to exploring your greater meaning? Identify your top 3 values that you feel like you wouldn’t be you without. Then, carve out time each week to do things that embody those values, and do them to completion. Do you thrive on your creative mind? Set aside time to pick up the brush. Maybe moving your body is when you feel best? Take 15 minutes to dance or do yoga or get in a quick work out.

Remember – self-care is still productive. If you don’t fill your cup, you have nothing to pour into anything or anyone else.

Narrow your goals

Researchers at Dominican University found that individuals are 42 percent more likely to achieve goals by simply writing them down. Do yourself and your brain a favor and write that ish down! If you’re anything like me, you might be prone to forget about one of your millions of tasks if it isn’t written out in some way shape, or form.

Set those clear and steady goals. Flesh out the details so you know what to focus on, step by step. Do they follow the SMART rule? Simple, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-Bound.

Generate a plan

You’ve got the vision, now we create the map to get to the end of the rainbow. More often than not, there’s someone that inspires you in some way. Whether they have your dream job, you admire their journey, or you just know that you could hang out and have a cup of coffee – it’s important to keep people like this close for two reasons.

One being if they inspire you, you’re much more likely to be driven and excel at what you do. The second reason being that if you have something to offer them, they’ll be more open to sharing their resources and expertise. The value of friendship goes a long way. But remember to stay genuine!

Anticipate roadblocks

The short of it is, you never know what’s coming and you should be prepared to be blindsided by almost anything (like an entire year that feels like a Sci-Fi Thriller Comedy). There will always be setbacks one way or another. We can let those push us down or propel us forward. If we prepare with that in mind, we have a better chance of feeling in control. According to psychologist Tim Judge, people who feel in control of their lives tend to achieve higher levels of work performance.

Think about your goal and then think about what can possibly go wrong. Rather than letting that intimidate you, outline what you can do to get through those bumps in the road.

Gain persistence

Let’s be honest – rejection hurts. It sucks hard. You might have spent months building something out only to have it fail to launch. Or it launches and no one buys, signs up, or cares for it. It happens often and to even the absolute best of us. From Oprah being rejected to Walt Disney being told he had no ideas or imagination, they kept going.

How do you avoid getting burned out? Psychologists who study cognitive flexibility argue that the answer has to do with being open to the unexpected — even if that’s just trying a new restaurant, meeting new people, or discovering a new hobby. Do all the new things! As I said, you have to take care of yourself if you want to get anywhere.

Elevate yourself

Show the people all around you, in your family, your support system, or on your team that you care. When they achieve something, celebrate them! If their work seems off or their productivity is low, take the time to ask them how they’re doing. When you remember that you and others around you are human, you gain respect. They’ll extend the same care and it’ll solidify your position as a leader.

Start by acknowledging one person who helped you get where you are or who positively shaped your life. Showing respect inspires others and builds influence.

Let me know what you think of these steps to success! And don’t forget that as of right now our End Of the Year Vouchers are still available at



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