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Business cards are part of your brand. They should be used for differentiating yourself and your business, and communicating your message. A good card can help you stand out, but a bad card can steer potential customers away from you. In the past, I thought that headshots were silly on business cards… even though I’m a headshot photographer. They are cliché – something only realtors do. Recently, I changed my mind on the subject. After talking to clients and businesspeople in my network over the past year, I’ve become a firm believer that a headshot can enhance any card. Any. Card.

I know, I know, why would the headshot photographer not support a headshot on a business card in the first place? I don’t know. I guess after so many years of networking and seeing business cards from hundreds of realtors, I became numb to them. I thought that a headshot on a card was boring. It wasn’t creative enough, especially for someone like me…

…who specializes in headshots…

What I finally realized is that the headshot itself wasn’t my problem all these years. It was the quality! When you see the same boring pose over and over again, you stop paying attention. And I guess it’s not just the pose either, but the quality of these photos.  Realtors are sort of notorious for their bad headshots. You know – you’ve seen them. But when you have a BEAUTIFUL, FRESH headshot that stands out, why not use it?

And BAM! It all made sense. My mind was forever changed.

When you have your headshot on your card, people get a second chance to meet you. It may sound funny, but if you are at a networking event with a hundred other people, someone you met for 30 seconds is going to have a hard time placing your face (and your name) with your business. I consider myself to be a very observant person, but after events like that, I always find myself asking something like, “What was the name of that handyman guy?”

20160407_104253 (1).jpg

A headshot solves all that. As someone is flipping through cards, a nice headshot is going to stand out. That will make them pause, and voilà – you are getting to introduce yourself to that person all over again without actually standing in from of him or her. As trippy as it might sound, the more people can look into your eyes, the more they can connect with you. And the more that people connect with you, the more they are going to associate your name with your face, and your face with your business.

It’s basic branding.

I don’t know why it took me so long to figure it out.

I’ve had discussions with other professionals about whether or not they agree with me or not. It seems like a lot of people are beginning to see it the way I do. A headshot no longer has to symbolize that you are just like everyone else because you don’t have to look like everyone else anymore. A professional headshot photographer can make you distinct – I guarantee it.

That doesn’t mean that you have to fit the mold of realtor cards from the ‘90s. I’m not saying that your business card needs to be white with a little logo and your headshot shoved into a little box in the upper left-hand side. It can still be creative! What if you had a really high-end card stock with your headshot on the back? What if you moved the headshot to the upper-right? I’m just kidding! The possibilities are endless, especially if you consult a marketing professional for some design help.  

Everyone that you know already understands that you are approachable and professional. Why don’t you remind the people who don’t know you of that every time they look at your card?

Let your business card do more than just give your basic info.  I’m a headshot business card believer, are you?


Alimond Photography Studio specializes in creating strategic corporate headshot portraits for not only the individual small business entrepreneur, but also the Fortune 500 Company.  Alimond Photography Studio is located in downtown Leesburg, Virginia, where they will create the perfect look for you in their 1300 square foot photo studio.  If you have a large team or you have a specific vision you want to create, we can also come out to you on location of your choice.  Please go HERE to get more info and set up your session.

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