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Cindy Dupree

Have you ever felt an invisible weight on your shoulders, one that no amount of physical strength could lift? Dr. Cindy Dupree, the heart and soul behind Zen Mountain Wellness, joins us to unpack the emotional luggage many of us carry. Her own journey, marked by a childhood sensitivity to energy and a father grappling with PTSD, led her down the unconventional path from systems engineering to the healing arts. We explore her transformative story and how connecting with nature and community through yoga and Reiki can foster profound personal growth.

Trauma can be a formidable opponent, cloaked in layers of suppressed emotions and memories. Yet, in the sanctity of a cacao ceremony, alongside the gentle guidance of yoga, Cindy and I discuss how these ancient practices help unlock the doors to healing. We share our personal experiences with self-healing and navigating the tumultuous seas of emotion, acknowledging the courage it takes to engage in ‘shadow work’. It’s not just about confronting what lies beneath the surface; it’s about embracing it with compassion and presence.

Lastly, we look to the skies where the moon, our celestial timekeeper, influences not just the tides but our very essence. She shares insights into how aligning with the lunar cycles—embracing new beginnings with the new moon and releasing the old with the full moon—can be instrumental in personal healing and growth. Cindy also offers an invitation to upcoming events that connect us with these powerful lunar energies, providing tools for those seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and the natural world. Join us as we delve into these transformative practices and consider integrating them into your own journey toward wellness.

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