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The experience we have with a business shapes the way that we view them. As consumers, we can tell when a business has it all together, and when they are seconds from falling apart. That’s why it’s important to invest time in the client experience.

At Alimond Studio, we recognize how important it is to make our clients feel safe and confident in who we are. Here are just a few tips of how we do it:

#1: We are REAL, no matter where we are.

Many companies resort to stock photos on their websites, and as pretty as they look, they are not a great representation of the company because they are models, not real people.

We have our faces EVERYWHERE on social media. And while it can be daunting sometimes, it really helps our clients get a sense of who we are as a brand and a company.

#2: We make housekeeping look easy.

Just like any business, we have housekeeping to do. Emails need to be sent, calls need to be made. So, instead of dreading it, we try to make it as easy as possible for our clients (and for us).

We let them know the details – when their session will be, how much their video willl cost, how long the process is – because our worlds are so fast paced and we don’t always have the time to figure everything out on our own. By being proactive for our clients before they step in the door, they feel confident knowing that they can at least have peace of mind about the process before they experience it.

#3: Be a GLASS, not a mirror.

Your customers are smarter than you think, and perception is not always reality. Don’t deprive them of information that they need to know just because you want to put the company in the best light. Be a glass, not a mirror.

We use this principle by including the price of our services so there is no ambiguity for our client. Our website follows a layout that clearly states all of the possible information a client needs to know before they book a headshot or video session with us.

This level of transparency helps them trust us, and it lets them know that they are not purely a transaction, but a valued customer that deserves to know what they are choosing to invest in.

#4: video, Video, VIDEO (need we say more???)

Pictures aren’t enough when you can see someone’s face, get to know them, and understand who they are without ever meeting them face to face.

Using video in your website or social media content will help your client get to know you. And as humans, it’s important for us to know who we’re dealing with. So make sure your client knows that they are doing business with an actual person. Don’t hide behind your brand!

#5: Make them feel at home

There’s nothing like being at home.

You are completely relaxed and you’re able to be yourself, flaws and all. Unfortunately, we find ourselves in places and with people that don’t feel like home. And this fact is even more true in the business world. There is nothing worse than being around people are that are cold and disinterested in you. It changes your entire perception of the company and it discourages you from ever returning.

So make your business feel like home. At the studio, we offer water or a snack, we talk to them about their day, and we help them escape from their busy lives. And that gives them the peace to know that they are in the right place.


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