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Dr. Suzanne Nixon

When the curtains of my traditional therapy career drew to a close, Dr. Suzanne Nixon felt the exhilaration of a new beginning. This episode is a passport to the uncharted territories she is navigating, like the personalized support of executive therapy and the emotional lifeline extended through on-the-spot wedding therapy. Dr. Nixon has traded the confines of her office for the dynamic realms where CEOs and brides alike can seize control of their mental landscapes. Plus, she is diving headlong into the professional speaking circuit, eager to share nearly three decades of therapeutic wisdom with audiences eager for transformation.

This conversation isn’t just about new professional pathways—it’s a masterclass in blending the vibrant threads of passion with the sturdy weave of business savvy. As the year’s end prompts reflection and the incubation of our deepest aspirations, we unwrap the potent synergy of artistry and entrepreneurial acumen. With the insights from our guests, we unravel the challenges artists confront in the marketplace, affirming that a sprinkle of business strategy can transform creative sparks into enduring flames that warm entire communities.

The heart of this episode beats to the rhythm of self-confidence and the art of listening with intent. Reminiscing about Suzanne’s upbringing and the pivotal moments that forged her path as a therapist, she charts the journey from a compassionate peer to a professional anchored in empathy. Our discussion wades through the depths of understanding trauma, emotional deregulation, and the vital role empathy and compassion play in personal and societal evolution. As we circle back to the natural world, we advocate for a return to the wisdom of our environment and Indigenous cultures, urging a reawakening to the balance and harmony that can redefine our lives.

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