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Want to earn loyal followers to your business?

AND turn your web visitors into paying clients and die-hard fans?

Getting your business known on the internet is more than providing your audience with large amounts of good looking content. It is about providing your followers with content that educates, informs and helps your followers develop themselves. Push content that your clients can’t turn away from. Let’s aim for content quality before just pushing out high amounts of okay content. Publish high-quality stuff! 

Start by developing a content strategy. You want every instagram post, tweet, snap, video, or blog post you share online to be the sum of your brand’s reputation. Create content that appeals to the personality of your target audience. When you create content that shows a deep understanding or connection to someone else’s life interest, they’re more likely to share the content with others. Why? Because we share content that represents who we are. Overall, just keep your audience engaged and interested. 

Short videos -think 30-90 seconds long- make the list for high-quality content when done correctly and professionally. Short, custom videos are a highly effective way to communicate directly to audiences and increase customer engagement. 

5 reasons why you should add short videos to your business website and social media sites TODAY.

1.) 60% of business professionals would rather watch video than read text.

2.) 90% of users say that seeing a video about a product is most helpful in the decision process.

3.) Including video on your business page can increase conversion by 80%.

4.) More than 90% of mobile video watchers share short videos with others, which drives more traffic. 

5.) Including video in an email leads to a whopping 200-300% increase in click-through rate.

Interested in learning more?  Click here to learn more AND download our video guide.

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