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“Follow the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire”.  

This was the quote I have lived my last 10 years of life by. Do what keeps you moving forward. I would dream big and then quickly implement a plan that allowed me to keep the flames strong within by taking action that always felt good.

However, over the past two years, something was missing. I found myself pursuing things, taking massive action – but always left with a feeling of, where’s the finish line? Am I going to be happy at any point? Or is this a mission with no end in sight because I have no idea what the mission even is?

I realized I was trying to find fulfillment in the next thing all the time…with no clarity in what was truly driving me? Why am I the way I am?

Why am I obsessed with continuously doing better at work? Why do I light up when I connect others with each other in business? Why do I feel a sense of accomplishment when my friends, my clients, and my associates get a sense of financial freedom within entrepreneurship? Why do I expect others to adhere to a similar work ethic as myself? Why am I never happy with my work output and feel the need to always do more? When will I stop purchasing so many marketing/business/sales/psychology books? Why do I feel anxious when others tell me something isn’t possible and feel a need to prove them wrong with doing the thing they said isn’t possible? Why have I never had a big social circle, but prefer a couple of trusted friends?

I hate to go along with the “in crowd”. I’m usually contrarian and am constantly questioning what everyone else says is “fact”. I want evidence. Not skewed evidence, but real evidence. I don’t want to do what others are doing and being different is something I strive to maintain in business. I hate to fit in with the crowd and when I hear someone blaming others for their challenges in life or why they aren’t good enough I will be the first one to give my unsolicited feedback and advice. I don’t understand what it means to be passive-aggressive, I feel communication and transparency are important and when people don’t speak up for what they want or need it drives me crazy. One quote you’ll always hear me say is “Tell me what you want, I can’t read your mind”. I hate cliques…but I also hate tolerating relationships that don’t serve you in life. Anyone in your life should be there because you want them there, not because you don’t want to tell them how draining they are in your life.

The first thing I would always tell myself is “never apologize for how you feel and what you believe in”. If others don’t agree, that’s okay. If others get in your way, feel free to remove yourself from their circle. And I have. Probably too many times to count.

I found myself living a life of passion, but without a true purpose.

We are all looking for the same thing, right? What we want more than anything is to find clarity and purpose in our lives. We search for it because when we have these two things, everything else falls into place. 


Where do you start?

I remember thinking about this for years. I remember telling myself not to stress over my purpose because as I continued doing what I’m doing it will come to me and that it takes time – I just needed to focus on taking action and implementing what felt right to me.

It wasn’t until I did this one thing that my true purpose and my why started revealing themselves to me. So what happened?

…it all started with an Enneagram test.

After taking this test, I felt like the results output knew more about my thoughts than I did. Discovering more about myself and reading the results of that test made me realize I am programmed a bit different than others…and that was okay. It was the first step in me wanting to dive deeper into my own childhood and my upbringing and why I hold certain values so close to me – and how those values come through in the mission I carry out with my own business and how I run my life.

It began to give me stronger roots when I discovered there were a lot of connections between what I am doing today and what I’ve always done in small little actions since I was a toddler. It feels like I had a purpose all along, but it wasn’t until now that things started making sense.

One day, I realized the quote I had lived by for the past ten years was not complete; “Once you discover WHY it sets your soul on fire, the truth will set you free.”

In order to truly be free to do what you love, you should understand why it’s important to you. Once you discover this, you will show up with more passion because of it.

Having a sense of purpose, clarity, and direction is one of the most beautiful aspects of life.

I can now say, my purpose in life is to help individuals build businesses that give them the financial freedom of choice and build the life they love. It’s not about just photographing people, or highlighting amazing people in the community, or creating business systems- it’s about seeing how all of those things together will empower and teach others to build a foundation in which they make the money to raise their family, to make the relationship choices, and overall have the freedom and to pursue the things that set their soul on fire.

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