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How can you be sure your video content online is doing well? if t hits the marks on these topics, you’re sure to have a video strategy that is doing the work or you.


People who already follow you aren’t always interested when you share a post of your new product in Stories on both Facebook and Instagram.


If they’re scrolling through their Stories, they want to be entertained or engaged most of the time. So in your Instagram Stories, you should be sharing your thoughts on this new product and why you’re so excited to launch it.

Give behind the scenes exclusive looks into how that product came to life. Those types of videos on your Stories will receive more exciting reactions.

Use emotional moments to tap into consumers to get them interested.

Share your secrets with Reels.

People want to know just what makes your business work the way it does.

What’s your daily grind look like? Share a few tips on how you stay focused or how you get clients to book with you within the first 10 minutes of a consult call.

What does it take for you to stay consistent? Don’t share your secret sauce – just give your viewers a taste.

“Expose” yourself

When you keep it real with your audience, not only do they respect you, but they’re also enticed by you.

If you create a fun, quick Reel where you “expose” how you made $60,00 in one month, your viewers will be shocked. They’ll want to know just how you did that and are continuing to.

People aren’t thinking, “Wow, way to brag.” They’re actually thinking, “Holy crap, how can I do that?” They want to follow along so they can know those bits and pieces of how you run the show.

Keep it on trend

Pay attention to what you see in your Reel Highlights.

What are the new transitions people are using? Learn them.

It’s easy enough to do on your phone, so it’ll be easy to learn.


Which songs are people using over and over? Download them and create that Reel ASAP. More than likely, that song won’t be “it” next week.

Use fun and punchy moves to keep people entertained. You can implement all of the cool transitions while staying on topic for the video.

It may take a few tries at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll see how easy Reels are to create and for others to share.

Short and Sweet

These days, anyone on social media (other than YouTube) isn’t interested in committing an entire 3 minutes to your content.

Whether it’s a video or just scrolling through your feed, your audience doesn’t want to hear you talk about a topic for any longer than 60 seconds.

To make sure you’re keeping eyes on your content for its entirety, keep it short and sweet.

Get to the point of your video within the first 5 seconds.

You can do this by announcing “I want to talk to you about _____” or maybe something enticing like, “I’ve debated on whether or not to share this-”. Consumers tend to flock to whatever is poppy, eyecatching, or just shy of controversial. Work with that.

Wrap Up

Start using the tips in your video strategy ASAP, that way you know your content will serve the purpose you intend to offer to your audience. Remember that what your audience wants is what’s most important. When you plan your content with that key piece in mind, you set yourself up for greater success while keeping your people happy.

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