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Karen Daily

What would you do if you weren’t in your current profession? This week, we have an engaging chat with Karen, a real estate attorney who almost pursued a career in music. She gives us a peek into her journey navigating the competitive world of law and real estate, and how she stays ahead of the game amid shifting markets through continuous learning and networking. 

Put on your headsets as we deep-dive into the power of video in business and how it can help build substantial relationships, whether you’re in real estate or any other sector. We also pick Karen’s brain on how she’s built a customer service oriented team, the importance of donning a student mentality, and how to learn from mistakes to improve processes. From the benefits of being part of a community to the American Dream, join us as Karen sheds light on these topics and more. Whether you’re seeking business tips or simply love a compelling story, this episode promises to be a fascinating listen. Tune in!

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