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Kimberly Brown

When Kimberly Brown first sat in the mcella chair, little did she know it would spark a business idea that would support countless women through their menopausal journey. In our latest episode, we navigate the oft-misunderstood waters of hormonal health, shedding light on the myriad symptoms that accompany perimenopause. It’s a candid exploration of the physical and emotional rollercoaster, from mood swings to body composition shifts. We also discuss how pelvic floor therapy, a treatment Jessica herself experienced firsthand, it offers more than just incontinence relief—it’s a gateway into the broader conversation about hormonal fluctuations and women’s wellness.

Hormone testing and health education shouldn’t be luxuries in women’s healthcare—they should be standard. Our conversation takes a critical look at why so many women are left in the dark about their hormonal health, and the repercussions of commonplace yet potentially harmful solutions like birth control pills used as hormone therapy. We advocate for informed choices, from lifestyle adjustments to sleep medicine, and share how a strategic approach to exercise can work wonders. Balancing the growth of a wellness business with the pitfalls of social media, she offers a personal take on the importance of authenticity and the power of connection in the digital age.

In this day and age, healthcare is about options, and in Kimberly’s clinic is a testament to that. Wrapping up the episode, we highlight the importance of a holistic view on health, from natural alternatives to hormone therapies to the interconnectedness of gut health and mental well-being. We discuss the empowering shift towards virtual consultations, without losing sight of the irreplaceable value of in-person interactions for building strong patient-provider relationships. Kimberly’s clinic mission is clear: to ensure each woman feels heard, understood, and has access to the comprehensive care and personalized treatment she deserves.

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