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Leonard Richardson

Ever swapped a law degree for real estate and time management coaching? That’s my unexpected journey, and the adventure I’ll take you on today. With a foot in two worlds, I balance a booming real estate career alongside a productivity coaching business, using ancient Greek wisdom to manage my time and drive personal fulfilment.

Fasten your seatbelts as we navigate the triad of health, wealth, and relationships, unlocking the power of time management to transform these key areas of life. Uncover the art of reverse engineering long-term goals, and hear how real estate enabled me to become geographically agnostic, building a versatile brand that transcends state lines.

Grab a pen, you’ll want to take notes as we delve into the enlightening book “The Social Animal,” an exploration of the human journey and life’s inevitable changes. Packed with practical tips for daily improvement and insight into the compound effect’s power, this episode is a springboard to achieving long-term goals, mastering time management, and carving a fulfilling life. Be ready for an inspiring journey that might just reframe the way you see your own career trajectory. 

Learn how the ancient Greek philosophy of Unimonia can shape your approach to time management and personal fulfilment. Get ready for some real, raw talks about the challenges and triumphs of career transition, and how my experiences working at a law firm influenced my decision. This is an episode about discovering purpose, creating balance, and harnessing the power of time. 

Sharpen your thinking about health, wealth, and relationships and how managing your time can drastically improve these areas. Reverse engineer your long-term goals and learn the role of time management in making this a reality. Our discussion also takes a turn towards being geographically agnostic and how to create a brand that can be used across multiple states. 

Take a deep dive into the influential book “The Social Animal”, as I share how it has profoundly explored the human journey and how life changes as time progresses. You’ll gain valuable tips for daily improvement and learn about the compound effect’s power in achieving long-term goals. This episode is not just a recount of my career journey, but a toolkit for better time management, a blueprint for building a life of fulfilment, and a testament to the power of embracing change.

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