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So what is the common thread between these three?  Mike Taylor.

Mike Taylor is a realtor with TYG Realtors here in Leesburg, Virginia.  After photographing his headshot a few months ago, we both decided we wanted to partner up and be able to offer something fun for the community he lives in.  We wanted to offer a family portrait day where families can come out and get a professional family shot and he was going to gift not only the session but than also a 16 x 20 print (amazing – I know!!).  

So our creative brains started churning and we wanted the delivery of this Family Portrait Day Event to be different.  You see so many people sending out invitations through the mail and quite frankly, they barely pay attention to it unless it’s 1). A Bill  or 2). A package

We both were thinking outside “the box” and decided we wanted to deliver a Formal Invitation inside of a box which would have the invitation contents inside when you opened it up.  Think special wedding invitations that are packaged up and delivered.  

Our first step was choosing a location.  We wanted to choose a location that was located inside his neighborhood so that families could walk there and it be super close to home.  We decided on a park that was inside his neighborhood would be the perfect spot to host.  We got the permission to set up and from there we planned all the remaining logistics.

I photographed Mike’s Family for some advertisement shots and shot a quick little video introducing himself and his family to his neighborhood for their family portrait day he was hosting.

Mike hired Conveyance Marketing to create these super cute invitations that included a vellum printed invitation, a sticker with session reminder, & a family portrait (that I of course captured!).  He ordered these black boxes to include the invitations inside and after spending a whole weekend creating almost 500 packaged boxes we went around the neighborhood Girl Scout Cookie style and left these cute boxes on everyone’s door step.  

We were so excited to deliver our mysterious packages (think waking up on Christmas and seeing that box just for you!) that we didn’t realize we were delivering a mysterious black box on people’s door step.  In the end all was well and the response was overwhelming with neighbors finding the invitations and reserving their spot for their family session.  

Mike, being the amazing human being he is, knew where there is people, there needs to be food!  He brought in Tailgater Toby NOVA, a delicious BBQ foodtruck to serve everyone breakfast and lunch on site at the park (after their photos of course).  Of course Raymond ate his fair share of the Bratwursts letting me know how delicious they were with every bite.

Mike partnered with Backpack Buddies to help them raise money to help feed local hungry kids.  He had an ipad he was giving away when you purchased a key.  You could than take that key to see if it was the key that would unlock the iPad box.  There was a winner and yes he was excited!

It was an amazing day where I got to meet a lot of new people, photograph lots of little sweet faces, and furry faces (fur babies are family too!).  Neighbors got to meet each other for the first time.  They had an opportunity to update their family portraits and enjoy a delicious meal together.  

As someone who is consistently trying to find ways to provide value for my clients and my community, I am honored to have worked alongside Mike Taylor to host this Family Portrait Day and look forward to many more Family Portrait Days in the future!

Thank you to our families for coming out for Mike Taylor’s Family Portrait Day!

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