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Paige McLaughlin

When life handed Paige McLaughlin lemons, she didn’t just make lemonade—she built a lemonade empire. Our latest episode rides alongside Paige, a concierge-turned-real-estate-maven with an awe-inspiring tale that begins in the polished halls of the Ritz-Carlton and unfolds into a remarkable two-decade journey. She lets us in on her childhood dreams of model homes that led her into the world of real estate, and how she climbed the ranks with the finesse of Ritz-Carlton service leading her way. Despite the shifting sands of the market, from interest rate hikes to supply-demand curveballs, Paige’s approach to real estate is as steadfast as it is strategic, weaving personal connections with each key handover.

The heart of our conversation beats strongest when Paige peels back the curtain on her most formidable opponent yet—cancer. As a survivor, her story isn’t just about the fight; it’s a masterclass in optimism. She divulges how her gratitude, her relentless positivity, and the support from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society became her armor during her battle with lymphoma. Now, she’s taking her indomitable spirit to new heights as a candidate for Visionary of the Year, translating personal trials into a crusade against blood cancers. Join us for a narrative that is as much about the resilience of the human spirit as it is about the intricacies of real estate.

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