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But really… what is a headshot?  Some might say that a headshot is a picture of your face.  Or maybe, it’s what you upload into LinkedIn or on your “About Us” section of your website.  However, one of my clients told me last week that his headshot is an opportunity to allow others to connect with him.  

This got me to think about it for awhile.  I realized that is exactly what a headshot does.  The images and videos that you put out to the world is your invitation for others to connect with you.  

Thats why someone who is running a business puts a specific set of photos and videos online whereas someone who is looking for a life partner puts a different set of photos and videos online.  

This helped me realize how we want others to see us depends on where we are in our life and what our goals are.  Professionals need to use images that brand them as professionals.  Their videos need to speak to what makes them industry leaders or why they are someone you should reach out to when you need their services.    

While strategically crafted photos can help others remember you as the professional you are, videos go one step further and really start help craft and tell your story.  People want to get to know you

In this world of overwhelm, we want to connect with those around us.  A series of videos help brand who you are and tell your story so that others can connect with you online and then engage you in person.

What is the first step?  The first step is to figure out who you are as a professional.  What are the words you want people to use when they describe you?  This will be where we start.  

Remember, you have a choice as to how people will describe you.  Either you choose those words, or others will choose for you.  

Personally, I want to be seen as someone who is a community leader, creative strategist and philanthropic activist.  In addition, I want people to describe me as someone who is easy to talk to and that listens well, isn’t necessarily “fancy” when it comes to how I dress or act, and someone you can trust to help you when it comes to building your business image. 

Just because that’s how I want to be seen doesn’t mean it’s going to automatically happen.  Now I have to do things that are aligned with this same message.  My actions will determine whether or not others will describe me that way.

This is why I need to be aware of the photos and video I am using online to help shape how I want others to connect with me.  There are many, many ways you can start to personally brand yourself.  However, the first step is to determine how you want to be seen.  Let’s start here: 

  1. Write down three different parts of your life and how you want others to describe you. 
  2. Now write down words people use to describe how they feel when they are around you.  

Easy enough right?  Great!!

Hold onto these as we will learn more next week on how to take the second step by laying out your personal brand.


As most of you know, Alimond Studio has always offered strategy within our headshot sessions as well as within our video shoots.  However, we are stepping it up with now offering Personal Branding Strategies for professional that are trying to revamp their online presence.  We are doing it for individuals that want to not just look good online, but want to truly show others why they are different than the rest. 

Now this isn’t Branding for your Business.  We have wonderful relationships with full Marketing agencies that we’d be happy to refer you to that are amazing at helping you in that arena.  However, this is for YOUR PERSONAL BRAND.  


Let’s work together!

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