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Do you feel like one of the few people in the world that doesn’t get what a “personal brand” is?

Do you find it hard to tell if you already have one (or if you even need one)?

Personal branding is often viewed as something that only outgoing personalities can pull off, but there are many ways that we can all brand ourselves to attract the audience that will bring our business to the next level.

What is a Personal Brand?

Simply put, a personal brand is the professional image or persona that you want to portray to your target audience. The goal is to attract ideal clients who are ready to trust or invest in your product or service because of the value that you provide them. This value tends to come in the form of online marketing content.

How Useful is a Personal Brand?

Some people use their personal brand as a tool to market themselves as the face of their business brand.

Take Dr. Phil, for example. The show’s unique take on solving problems mixed with Dr. Phil’s down-to-earth, Texas-charm continues woo the living rooms of millions of Americans. If he didn’t invest in his professional image and develop his brand persona, his show would not be successful today.

Others use their personal brand to position themselves as an expert in a competitive field to stand out.

We’ve recently seen this pop up in the makeup industry. NikkiTutorials is one of the most successful makeup gurus on YouTube right now. She is a beauty vlogger who delivers out-of-the-box makeup tips and tricks. Her personal brand has earned her a whopping 11.9 million subscribers.

“Expert-focused” personal brands use their talent and expertise to offer useful information to their audience, and in doing so, become a valued opinion and resource to them.

So, how can you develop YOUR personal brand?

Watch Aliyah Dastour (photographer and owner of Alimond Studio in Leesburg, VA) explain it in the following video:



So, what are the key takeaways?

1) You Already Have a Personal Brand. You Just Need to Nurture it.

There’s no need to create an alter ego, today. You already have a personal brand, you just need to define it for yourself.

2) Create a List of 3 Things You Really Care About

Find 3 values that explain “the why” behind the work you do. Maybe, you’re a doctor that wants people to be more conscious of their health and wellness. Or maybe you’re a mom who strives to find easy solutions to common household woes, like washing grass-stained jerseys or spending enough time with your kids.

Either way, you want your values to not only align with who you are but also the cares and concerns of your audience. Learning what motivates them will definitely aid in your value search.

If you’re having trouble, check out this article by Scott Jeffrey that lists over 200 different core values and take a look at this list of 30 things that customers value by the Harvard Business Review.

3) Mindfully Sculpt and Mold Your Vision

The amazing thing about a personal brand is that you have complete control over it. But the only way it can succeed is with authenticity and consistency. When your content is inauthentic, it kind of feels like getting nutrition advice from someone who regularly eats fast food – you can see right through it and you won’t trust it.

Consistency is also key. Every post, photo, or video you put out there should directly tie back to your core values. If they don’t, your messaging will confuse your audience and lead them elsewhere.

The platforms you use on should also make sense for your audience. Maybe that post about your updated business card isn’t entertaining enough for Facebook, but what about posting it on LinkedIn? Understanding how your audience consumes content and where they like to see it will make your content that much more relevant and effective for them.

Last Tip:

The greatest project you can work on is you. Show your audience who you are, make them trust you, and watch your business grow.


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