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Ryan Mallard & Nese Altas

Ever considered a dramatic career pivot or dreamt of crafting a success story from the ground up? Ryan Mallard and Nese Altas, the visionary partners behind Current Salon and Color Bar, join us to recount their extraordinary journey from disparate beginnings to the pinnacle of the beauty industry. Nese, whose odyssey began on the vibrant streets of Istanbul, talks candidly about overcoming cultural and linguistic hurdles to become a luminary in hairstyling. Ryan, who swapped the predictability of corporate life for the maelstrom of salon ownership, harnesses his business savvy to share how they navigated the highs and lows of building their brand.

This episode isn’t just a recount of triumphs; it’s a masterclass in marketing tenacity and the art of staying true to one’s vision during the most challenging times. Our guests lift the veil on how they used every tool at their disposal to keep their business flourishing—even through a global pandemic. They confront the hair industry’s toughest misconceptions head-on, revealing the pivotal role of stylist education in managing the gap between social media fantasy and hairstyling reality. If you’re yearning for an authentic slice of American dream-chasing, peppered with humor and hard-won wisdom, you’ve found your match in this compelling narrative.

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