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At the end of the day, your headshots should be a representation of who you are and how you feel.

If you look at your headshots and cringe, it is time for new ones.

If your photo is over 5 years old and your hairstyle has changed, or other parts stick out that you don’t like, it’s time to retire your old headshots.

The same goes for anything else in your marketing.


You should feel proud of what you’re putting out there. If it doesn’t help you get your next client or represent you in a way that excites you, invest in headshots that you’re proud to share with others.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can still take a DIY headshot that you feel good about. You should prioritize having a photo you actually like over having one you despise.

If you want to really capture your personality and look professionally done, keep in mind that your best option will be to have your photos professionally taken. Use a DIY option as a placeholder.

If you’re ready and you already know the feeling you want to convey, tell your photographer.

Not everyone knows what they want their brand to say about them – decide what you want to make people feel when they see your photos. Is it comfortable? Do you want them to think they can have a coffee with you? Do you want to be seen as someone your client would be excited to work with? Understand what your ideal client is looking for and ask your photographer to create that in your images.

More importantly, choose a photographer that you trust 100% to bring your vision to life.

Just because they offer their headshot services, doesn’t mean they know how to capture the essence of a person.

On social media, you have extremely limited time to make an impression on people. If all your headshot is doing is telling people what you look like, it’s only doing 30% of its job.

Your photo should be one of your secret marketing tools that pulls people in. They see this photo and are instantly curious about who you are.

You have mere pixel space to grab someone’s attention.


I’m sure you’ve scrolled through social media and thought I don’t know what it is, but I just like them. You’re trying to create that moment within people so they gravitate towards you.

If you’re not so sure of what to do in your headshots, sign up to have our free guide sent to you. If you don’t know the first thing about headshots, we make the process simple and easy while giving you a wide variety of photos you will love. You won’t have to wonder about what to wear, where to put your hands, what expression to have, whether or not you want outdoor photos – we create an experience that allows us to make the most of your time with us while also making sure you’re comfortable.

Wondering what else you might not be in the loop on with your marketing strategy and technique? Are you trying to use social media to build a recognizable brand?

Check out our Socially Grown Workshop – we host 1-2 every month to get people the info they need to start using social media as a tool. This workshop will go over how you can use your personal brand to attract the right audience on 4 different social media platforms to build your business (Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin,YouTube). You will get a full report analysis on how you can personally maximize your social media when you arrive as well.

Can’t wait to see you there!


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