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Stefano Devigili & Jonathan Ruiz

Ever wondered how high school friends can become successful business partners? Join us as we sit down with Stefano Devigili  & Jonathan Ruiz, the dynamic duo behind Grant Brothers Tree Service. From humble beginnings tackling small landscaping jobs to operating a comprehensive tree care service across Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC, they share their inspiring journey, filled with challenges and breakthroughs. Get ready to master effective communication and customer service skills, and gain insights into the unique demands of the tree service industry in their region.

Scaling a business from the ground up isn’t easy, but Stefano and Jonathan reveal how they did it through strategic reinvestment, meticulous financial management, and the invaluable power of word-of-mouth marketing. Discover why they believe that top-notch service and accumulating positive reviews are more impactful than traditional advertising methods. Hear their practical advice on the optimal timing for tree removal and why you should consider tree work before other home improvements to avoid unexpected complications and costs.

Faith plays a central role in the philosophy that drives Grant Brothers Tree Service. Stefano and Jonathan discuss how their Christian values shape their business operations, emphasizing the importance of treating employees and customers with respect and care. Learn about their customer-focused approach, which has significantly contributed to their success and customer retention. This episode not only provides actionable business tips but also delves into living a life that honors Christian principles, offering a rewarding perspective on both work and personal life.

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