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When asked on the spot what the 3 forgotten pieces people miss when developing a personal brand, Aliyah quickly jumped in with “Intention. Your audience. And you don’t have a set system for not only curating content but also sharing it on every single platform and making sure everyone sees it.”

Just as quickly as she was able to think of those things, we’ll solve those issues in this article.

Create content with intention.


Before you go to make your next Instagram post, think about what or who you’re posting for. Who do you show up for on social media? And why?

If you’re on Instagram and you have no idea what you want to present to your audience, your audience will gain nothing from your content. If you don’t know what you’re doing, your followers won’t either.

So if you show up online as a dietician, set your intention before deciding what to do with your content. Do you want to educate your followers on how to swap out junk foods? Do you want to connect and empower them to make changes in their health?

Imagine someone comes onto your page. What do you want their first thought to be? How can you create that reaction in them?

If you’re a makeup artist and want your audience to book with you, your goal is to make them think “This is so pretty, I want to look this good.” So when you showcase your makeup looks, you might want to focus on the eyes, where the detail is stunning. You want to make sure your models are in beautiful lighting.

You want to be thinking about how to highlight exactly what you’ll do for your client. But you can’t do that without starting with your intentions.

You’re not paying attention to your audience

I have seen this complaint so many times “I’m posting 3 times a week, I’m engaging with other people’s content, I’m spending x amount of hours on creating content, why is no one liking it??”

You’re not giving your audience what they like. You’re not posting content that gets them to connect to you. People don’t content with another lime green and hot pink graphic tell me that house prices are lower than ever. They connect to the story.

If you don’t have any idea what your audience wants, make it simple and just ask them. You can post polls, this or that graphics in your stories, you can get peoples thoughts or feedback on your product through so many different ways on each social platform.

To know what your people want, give them a voice and listen to what they have to say.

Then take that information and then use it to create content that they connect with and want to see more of.

You’re not using any systems or plans

There are a plethora of different social media apps that so many people are showing up on to create content. There are two types of people who use these apps. They either use a few and have a favorite or they have every single social app and post on all of them. It sounds insane to be posting that much, right? I promise you, it’s actually a brilliant move when posting.


Instead of only limiting yourself to one platform, you have multiple arms branching out across the internet. That’s only going to get more eyes on your content, never less. If you think, “Well, none of my people are on Instagram, I’m only on Facebook,” you are tying yourself down to only one way for people to find you. You have no idea how many people are out there on other forms of social media just waiting for someone who does what you do to come along.

By telling yourself, “No one is going to see it, why bother,” you basically stand in your own way of creating new connections.

Before you go ahead and post to Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or whatever else you use – think about you’re plan of action to stay consistent and accountable for when and what you post.

Use tools like content planners (Facebook has one and it also connects to your Instagram.) and canvas to not just create the content but to also make sure it’s getting out there to every platform you’re on without fail.

Don’t forget to block out time accordingly to make sure you’ve got great content scheduled. This step takes time but it’s vital. Consistency is key.

Wrap Up

If you’re someone who wishes their social media was popping off, I highly recommend you scroll to the bottom of this site and click on the FREE Celeb Personal Brand Training course we created. You’ll better understand how to kill it on social media and the actionable steps you can take to do it yourself.

And if you’re not a DIY kind of person, there’s something here for you, too. With Alimond Agency we do exactly everything in this article and more to make sure you’re going above and beyond with your images, your video content, your engagement, and your entire personal brand. You can get in touch with us from any of the links below!


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