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If you’ve received our headshot guide you’ll know that it’s important to do the following;

  • Select your outfits ahead of time

  • Pick out your accessories

  • Do your makeup beforehand (you can skip this if you choose to have it done in-studio)

  • Ask your photographer any questions you might be concerned about

  • Decide what photos you think you need for your business

  • Get plenty of rest

  • Get a good night’s sleep


The list can go on, but what’s most important and should be sought after over any of these other tips is trust

You need to plan on trusting your photographer, otherwise, all the other things you do to prepare to mean nothing. 

When you select your photographer, you are choosing an artist to create something for you. It’s not only the technical aspect of wanting your photographer to be experienced – but you also want someone who you feel can execute your vision. 

On the day of your photo shoot, you want your photographer to ask you important questions like what are your goals with these photos? What outfits make you feel the most like yourself? How are you most comfortable posing? If you don’t know the answer to these questions, don’t panic.

When you take the time to research thoroughly who you want to invest in to create these images for you, you want to select someone who will take charge, make you feel comfortable, and direct you effortlessly in posing and capture a variety of different photos.  

If you walk into a photoshoot and feel like you have to micromanage or you’re confused by how the photographer wants to pose you or you’re uncomfortable – you probably aren’t working with the photographer best suited for your needs.

They might be a rockstar at capturing beautiful landscapes, but they aren’t for you if they don’t know how to capture the essence of a human. 

If you don’t know where else to put your headshots other than sending them to your marketing team or using them on LinkedIn, you should rest well in knowing that your photographer can answer all of that for you. 

This is why the process at Alimond matters to us deeply –


It’s how we make sure our clients know they’re in capable hands.

Before they even go through their images, we’ve walked them through all the ways they can use their new photos in their marketing. We discuss how they can use them in everything from publications and speaking events to social media marketing. We think ahead when asking about their marketing plans and will incorporate whatever the client needs into the photos. 

It’s important to walk away from your headshot experience feeling good.

Research your photographer to make sure they best suit your needs so you can use your photos in confidence.

Choose whoever you feel you can trust over whoever will be the most affordable. Whoever is cheapest won’t be the same person who will deliver a unique experience, comfortable environment, take your concerns and wants into consideration, and create a stunning final set of images.

Think of choosing a headshot photographer like hiring a contractor. There are plenty of contractors that can do the job. You could pay $10,000 for a remodel, thinking the cheapest option will be the best.

But you’d more than likely end up paying $40,000 to correct that work and probably waiting an extra month or two. But you could also pay someone else $30,000 to have someone do it correctly, on time, and you’ll enjoy the process and be happy when it’s finished.

The same applies when you are choosing a headshot photographer. The money that you put into the artist creating something for you needs to be of high quality, you want to be able to enjoy the experience, and you want to ensure you love the final product.

This is the type of thing that you want to be picky about. Your headshots will be your first impression, so they should also be the best representation of yourself. 

Final Tips

  1. Hydrate

  2. Gather your outfits the night before so they’re ready to go and one less thing to worry about

  3. Get a good nights rest

  4. Let go – trust the process.

When you book with a studio like Alimond, you don’t have to worry about the little details. We’ll even take care of lunch for you! Our photographers and team members are dedicated to making your time with us in the studio well worth your time and money – and then some.

Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, or come to one of our workshops to get some valuable info on creating awesome and consistent content.

If you want some important knowledge as well as a personal branding breakdown, check out our FREE Celebrity Brand Training below! (Scroll to the bottom of the page).

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