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We have been getting asked a lot of questions recently about our BrandFilms, so we figured we’d create a blog post to answer all of your questions right here!

1). So what exactly is a BrandFilm?
Our BrandFilm is something that combines your brandstory into a storytelling film. It’s an invitation to your prospect and your fans/friends/audience to get to know you and help you connect to your people before you’ve even met them!

2). What makes a Brandfilm different than a normal video?
While a normal corporate video/commercial informs the viewer, a BrandFilm connects and intrigues the viewer to want to find out more.  It invites your prospect into your story so they will feel an emotional connection to you, your business and your personal story. We use storytelling elements to share the who, what, when, where and most importantly, why.  As you know, information is retained much easier when it’s done through story.

3). Where can I use my BrandFilm?
Our clients have been using their BrandFilms EVERYWHERE.  Here are a few places: LinkedIn Profiles, Facebook Business Page, Email Signature, About Us on Website, Instagram, Texting BrandFilm to their prospect to learn more, Networking Brochures, Presentations, Proposals, Instagram and so much more.

4). Who is this for?
BrandFilms are perfect for Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Loan Officers, Business Coaches, all types of Consultants, Creative Entrepreneurs, Start Ups, Small Business Organizations, and many Soloprenuers focused on selling within a high brand value area.

5). Who is this NOT for?
BrandFilms are NOT for individuals that are looking for a commercial, people that are not focused on growing their professional brand and businesses looking to make an educational based video series.

6). How quickly can I get my BrandFilm so I can put it to work?
From start to finish we can do it within two weeks, but more comfortably, it is usually a 4 to 6 week timeline before you have your final video ready for you to share with your prospects (and the rest of the world).

7). What does the investment look like?
The investment is $7500 and that is an all inclusive price (filmed within the DC/VA area).  What does all inclusive mean exactly?  It means you don’t have to worry about additional costs that pop up once you decide to move forward.  We include the idea concepts for you to choose from, time to meet with the director, storyboarding, filming production, we provide all equipment/lighting, editing, postproduction, revisions for you to approve, music licensing, titling/additional graphics, and commercial license of final video for your usage. We make it really easy for you to simply say yes and we will take it from there and handle everything else!

8). What’s the process to get started?
As soon as you decide you want to get started, just reach out to us and we will send you a survey to help us tell your story.  Most of our clients feel like they don’t have a story to tell and so they don’t believe a BrandFilm is for them.  That is OUR job to find that story. You simply answer the questions and we will find your BrandFilm Story that will produce a captivating film to hep you build your business.

After you fill out the survey we will meet up and present 3 – 5 concepts to discuss with you  and we will pick out the best story for your BrandFilm.


Our clients have seen results from their video within 24 hours of sharing their video.

Larry Justice with McLean Mortgage said, “You wouldn’t believe the response I got from a client last night. It was amazing. Solidified the deal.”

Check out his video below.

Interested in seeing another of our BrandFilms? Check it out Mike Stein’s video below:

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