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When most of our clients walk through the door, the first thing they say is “I’m just looking for something I can put on LinkedIn.”

What they don’t realize is a headshot can be used for much more than a profile photo. Your headshot is supposed to communicate a specific visual message to the audience you are trying to attract. And as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

But not everyone knows what their headshot style is, or even how to figure that out.

So, check out our 7 favorite headshot styles below to find out which style matches you and your personal brand the best:

1) The Traditional Headshot

The traditional headshot style has become the staple for every business professional. It was inspired by the traditional corporate headshot: solid background, studio lighting, head and shoulders up, and a bright smile.

But don’t let the traditional style fool you – rules are meant to be broken. Add a fun background, create a smolder, or even add a furry friend to make your traditional headshot stand out. Don’t be afraid to get creative!


2) Approachable & Friendly

The “Approachable & Friendly” headshot style is designed for business professionals that need their prospective clients to trust them. This style suits financial advisors, realtors, or other professionals whose jobs revolve around face-to-face interactions. The headshot makes use of natural and relaxed poses to convey an easy-going personality.



3) Lifestyle Portrait

Whether it’s casual or candid, the lifestyle headshot can encompass so many looks in one. Lifestyle portraits are great for showing off more of your brand personality. This style is best suited for entrepreneurs or individuals that want to appear personable, friendly, and unique to their customers to introduce a sense familiarity with them. The lifestyle portrait allows you to show your audience who you really are.



4) Work Environmental

The Work Environmental portrait is great for business professionals who want their clients to see them in their actual work environment. This usually helps your prospective client get a sneak peek into your day-to-day world, which ultimately builds their trust and familiarity with you and your company.


5) C-Suite Style Headshot

The C-Suite style headshot is perfect for the C-Suite executive or high-profile personality that needs to stand out. The style includes a sleek, darker background with studio or natural lighting that focuses on the luxury of the individual and their brand. If you want to show off your grandeur, this is the style for you.


6) Group Headshot

Two heads are always better than one. The Group Headshot Style is perfect for individuals or companies that have a team structure. Whether you are a small marketing team or corporate partners, a professional headshot with multiple people shows that there is power in numbers. Group shots look great on-location, at your work place, or here at our studio!


7) The Creative Headshot

Not everyone wants a typical headshot. The creative headshot is for people that want to push the boundaries a little bit to stand out to their audience. Maybe they have a creative profession and want to use props, or they want their personality to shine through by using a colored background. Either way, this headshot breaks tradition to appeal to an audience that embraces non-conformity.


No Matter What Your Favorite Style Is…

The most important thing to us is that you stay true to who you are.

We understand how important your image is when it comes to securing your next business prospect.

This is why our sessions are custom-catered to your personal branding needs.

As long as you tell us what message you want to convey with your headshots, we will choose the best backgrounds, poses, and styles that will get you the best results!

So, what’s YOUR favorite headshot style and why? Which style do you want to try next?

Leave us a comment below!


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