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So you scheduled your headshot session or you just had yours done – now what?

Don’t worry, there are more places than you know where you can share your fresh new headshots.

For fun, let’s start with a random old photo you might not have thought about for a while.

Your email profile picture.

You may have whatever photo you uploaded over 10 years ago as the face of your email address. It may seem like nothing to think about but if you have a business, you have a brand.

You can represent that personal brand anywhere and you should if you want to market yourself well.

lawyer headshot leesburg headshot studio

Something to keep in mind – it’s one of the smallest places people will see any of your photos, so try to use something easy to look at or engaging in color choice. Avoid using text in this image.

Social media profile images

Depending on whether or not you have two accounts set up, you should definitely use your new shots on your profile. Even if your Facebook is set to personal, you should still be putting your image out there in a professional way if you have a career you’re passionate about. It doesn’t have to be a stiff headshot that you feel awkward in.

1. If you feel that way about your current images, it’s time for new ones that you adore

2. You should not be feeling like this after walking out of the studio – do your research on a photographer that will suit your needs!

Show yourself and your team off on your website.

If you have a website, you might have an About Me section or Team page.

You and every one of your team members should have a great headshot prominently displayed on the site. If your page is just you, design it so that it will convey a feeling or story to the reader.

Your “About Me” page can feature more of a lifestyle photo of you in your zone, working in your field of expertise. But if you have many team members on this page as well, use images that feel clean, professional, cohesive, and on-brand.

Social media is probably the most obvious place you’d want to use your images. Posting them on Facebook, freshening up your Instagram feed, etc.

But you can go a layer deeper than that as well. If your creating content like Reels and IGTVs, you can use your headshots as cover images to keep your feed looking good.

Email marketing and newsletters are still as important as ever. That’s typically a brand’s main line of communication and an essential touchpoint. You’ll want to use your images here as well so people don’t miss them. It helps when you create a branded template that your clients recognize immediately. Then you can just pop your photo in, fill in the written portion, and you have a beautiful email to send out.


While many of these places you’ll want to put your new headshots are digital, there are still some physical marketing pieces you’ll need.

If you have speaking engagements, you make have a photo displayed on location. If you’re the guest speaker of an event, you need a captivating headshot to showcase yourself to those who have never seen you before.

You might be on a brochure or pamphlet. Maybe you’re creating a course for other people and want to use these photos in your printed guides.

They don’t only have to be headshot photos if you know what material you need to market your services. If you want to guide someone through something, using photos makes it easier for people to process the information you’re giving them.

Remember – your photos are a reflection of who you are.

You can create a feeling of joy in your photos or warmth or trust. Whatever your branding needs are, you can share that vision with video and photo content.

This is your first impression.

People will decide if they want to hear what you have to say within the first 3 seconds of seeing you. After that, it’s hard to change someone’s mind if they aren’t interested. \

If you need a rebrand, you’re launching a new product or service, or you’re just in desperate need of beautifully crafted content, reach out to us! We have plenty of workshops, courses, and services designed to help you boost your personal brand and understand the hundreds of tools you have at your fingertips.


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