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Alimond Studio isn’t purely a photography studio. We want to take care of everything possible for our clients. We value being proactive within our team culture because that determines how we treat each client.

From the first moments

When you walk up the steps in the Leesburg studio, we’re already waiting for you at the door, ready to welcome you in.

We’re thinking about how you probably feel exhausted from walking up 3 flights of stairs and might be out of breath. We want to make sure you’re comfortable. We’re by the door, offering water with a greeting and a warm smile, ready to show you to the dressing room.

Our team doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to making sure the client is well nurtured because that’s always our number one priority.

From there, we know that you probably went through the clothing guide we sent over, but still want to be sure to go over our options. Our photographers have a keen eye for knowing what would best match your backgrounds and what colors will pop when we get outdoor shots.

Styling is fun of course, but our goal when we go through your clothing and accessory options is ultimately to make sure you know we got this. We’ve been through this hundreds of times and know which questions you’ll need answered. We ask you about preferences so we know what you like and won’t like in photos.

Our intention with getting our clients settled in the studio before they’re even ready to shoot is to create that feeling of trust. If we want to make someone look their best, we have to create a unique experience that makes them feel their best as well.

The headshot session starts before the camera is even on.

We ask clients what they want for lunch and have local food delivered for them to have while they go through their ordering session. Offerings like this for clients speak volumes. They don’t just see a sandwich. They see a business that actually cares about them and the community. We want to make sure our clients feel that deeply.

Once we start shooting

As we guide them through poses, we know they feel uncomfortable so we explain what it is we need for the shot and address the monologue they have in their head. Our photographers acknowledge them by saying “We know this feels strange, but here’s what you’ll do.”

We move pieces in the studio to create different looks for the client and also give them options they won’t want to leave behind. When we deliver over 100 photos that all have different poses, expressions, and setups, the client now sees just how worth it the full package is because they’ve never felt this way about their own photos.

Clients have the option to sit through an ordering session with us where we assist them in picking out the absolute best images. But we most often see them take a look at their images, not want to narrow them down at all and invest in their full set of images. There’s no pressure – they’re excited to purchase their entire photoshoot because we’ve created an unbeatable experience with them. And they keep coming back for their updates.

What does your process look like?

Do you have clients raving over not just your services our products, but the experience you provide? Do you need to remap the client’s journey to give them the best experience with you?

If the answer was YES to any of these questions, I have an answer for you. My Growth Tribe. You’ll get to connect with business owners like you who are all about doing whatever is next to grow. We create an environment at the Sterling location where people feel comfortable speaking freely about their biggest dreams and their biggest fears. Sign up for the next monthly Growth Tribe below!

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