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How To Optimize Your Website With Marketing Funnels


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Let’s talk set up.

Here’s what yours most likely looks like –

You have a website where you link your “about” page, your products and services, maybe some images of your work and/or office space.

If you’re checking your Google Analytics (which you should be if you’re not), you’re more than likely getting somewhere between 20-40 views on your site per month, with very few actually investing in your services or products.

You’ve made this website because you thought you had to or you were told to.

You either put it together yourself with little to zero knowledge on optimizing a website or you paid someone to build it for you and it still hasn’t made any return on investment.

If this sounds like you, here’s part of your problem. You have no funnel system set in place so clients can maneuver through your page seamlessly while having all their questions answered and making sure that every single lead is put onto a list where their information can be stored.

One of the biggest reasons Alimond continues to grow year after year and we have so much success through our site is because we have systems and funnels put into place.

unnamed (1).png

That way we can do things like retargeting those people who visit the website on social media, we have the ability to upsell packages in our booking process, people are able to see exactly which times and dates are available for their session, and we have multiple videos that walk our clients through any questions or concerns they may have – and the best part is that it’s all completely automated.

Through these funnels, we have the ability to scale our business exponentially. If someone comes to the site and puts in their email but hasn’t yet booked a session, they’ll be automatically added to a list of people who will be dripped emails that we set up on the back end until they book their session.

In doing this, we have saved so much time and money. No one feels the need to call us before they decide to invest their thousands with us because they feel like they’ve already had all their questions answered and their worries put at ease.

A client will rarely speak to us before booking their session because we’ve taken all the possible steps beforehand to ensure they won’t have to.

For example, before you even book your session, we send out our Alimond Branding Guide as soon as you enter your info.

We don’t waste any time waiting until someone has booked. They want the information ASAP and we deliver just that.

There’s no time on your behave or one of your employees spent on sending out these types of emails to clients and with that – no margin for human error.

We are firm believers in saving humans for creative work. 9 times out of 10 if you can have a machine do the work, you should.

Not only does the machine do simple tasks that replace the work of 3 employees, but you also can have your team working on things that a machine can’t do the same and you guarantee that nothing falls through the cracks – as long as your funnels are set up properly.


So what systems do we have that secure our business continues to grow with minimal effort?


Clickfunnels is user friendly and pretty easy to navigate once you understand its basic functions. You’ll choose a goal, type, and build your funnel from there in the Funnel Cookbook. You can integrate your custom domain and set up your SMTP for automatic email send-outs. Clickfunnels has allowed Alimond so much more ease and accessibility with growing our reach, client base, and team. *

Try out Clickfunnels to optimize your website


Integrated subscriptions, courses, and digital products

In minutes you can take your ideas and turn them into a polished, high-value product. Customize pricing, delivery, and packaging. Then use their one-click templates (or build your own) and upload your content.*

Try out Kajabi to easily create &sell online workshops/coaching

*This blog contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you when you use them. Keep in mind, we would never endorse something we don’t fully support and use ourselves. Thanks for your support!

We whole-heartedly believe that if you are a service-centered business, you should 100% have funnels in place. You waste time and money by doing it all yourself. With these systems, you don’t have to worry about missing the mark at any point – it’s all seamlessly taken care of.

If you’re ready to implement a fantastic CRM system that can save you so much time and effort, reach out to Aliyah who will be able to get you set up on our personally developed CRM. Reach out below!

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