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What does your personality have to do with your personal brand?  I believe it has EVERYTHING to do with your personal brand.  There is way too much noise in the world.  One of the easiest ways to stand out and find your differentiating factor is by using your natural personality and use it to affect the decisions on messaging/clothing/content/etc.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a life coach or you’re the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.  You need to be memorable.  If you think you have a boring personality. than guess what, you need to find something you’re super passionate about and just GET EXCITED!  Watching someone work within their “passionate zone” is contagious.  You automatically want to be around them more hoping it’ll rub off on you!

There are so many different ways you can work your personality into your personal brand. Check out the video to learn more.  Don’t forget to do your homework assignment for the week!

Thank you for tuning in this week for our personal branding series.  Today we are going to talk about your personality.  This can be seen in person AND in your photos and videos that will live online. 


Let’s go through a few aspects of your personality.   


How do you want someone to see you?  Are you an outspoken personality?  Bold and straight to the point?  You can do that by the way you talk to people and the way you talk in your videos.  Hand movements as you are talking, the way you stand in your videos and in person.  Do you look people in the eye or are you frequently looking away.   


This is one type of person. 


Now, let’s compare that to this other type of person. 


Maybe you want to be seen as a very compassionate approachable person or a coach.  Soft spoken and understanding head movements. Tilting your head slightly? You can do this in the way you talk to people and the way you talk in your videos.  Hand movements as you are talking, the way you stand in your videos and in person. What about my tone of voice. 


You can tell the variation between these two types of people personality. 


Now there are a few things you can do in person as well. Remember, these are all personality traits you already have, you are simply keeping it aligned with your brand.  OR it might be something you need to work on because what you are doing normally is going against what your clientele need to see or need to feel in order to connect with you.   


 Here are two easy things you can start doing immediately – 

1). Actively listen to others.  Doesn’t matter what your personality type is, listening to others is something EVERYONE can appreciate. This includes NOT looking around the room or glancing at your phone while the other person is speaking. It sounds obvious, but it’s the number one thing I see when I meet people that will immediately send me away feeling like ick. 

2). Show confidence.  Easiest way to do that is by smiling.  There are other techniques like, your posture, carrying your chin high and not looking down a lot during converstaions.  Shoulders back, chest out.  But the easiest thing to do is smile. 


Homework for this week? 


Think of people you have met in the past year that have made you feel really good when you first meet them.  Think about the different things that THEY did that made YOU feel that instant connection.  Think of three things you want to capture and start incorporating into your own personal brand that you can use for your on camera personality as well as your in person personality. Write those down and start practicing them!


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