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Every business needs a strong team to keep it afloat, and our studio was on the hunt for creative and professional team members. Out of 30 job interviews, two applicants stood out the most.

This past month, we welcomed Zachary Hatgimisios and Toria Hester to our team!

Read below to find out more about why we hired these two incredible people.


Meet Zachary Hatgimisios: The Video Specialist

C81A9540 (1).jpg

We aren’t lying when we say Zachary’s name will be in Hollywood one day – yes, he is THAT good at filmmaking. He studied cinema production at Old Dominion University. He’s also a self-taught photographer (could he BE anymore talented?). Though his heart resides in Hampton Roads, he finds a home wherever a camera is in his hand.

Zachary has one dog (Hank) and two cats (Pepper and Dorian) and can’t wait for them to join him at his new home in Frederick, MD. He also loves horror movies and is inspired by films that step out of the ordinary and push boundaries.

From the technicalities of cameras to the intricacies of editing, his mind is filled with creative ideas that will keep Alimond Studio at the forefront!


C81A9450 (1).jpg

Meet Toria Hester: The Coordinator

If you’re looking for a marketing guru, we suggest having a conversation with Toria. In her senior year of college, her team won 2nd place at the DMAWEF MAXI Competition in Washington, D.C.

She successfully graduated from Christopher Newport University with a BSBA in marketing and a minor in art history. Her ultimate goal is to continue marketing for the arts and to eventually open up her own recording studio!

Toria is a true jack-of-all-trades. She loves painting, playing the piano, writing, and having fun (of course). Did we also say that she likes to sing? She arranged seven songs for her college a cappella group, University Sounds, and their music is now on iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music!

Toria’s perspective on the business world and unique poise have been an invaluable addition to Alimond Studio!


As you can see…

We are absolutely in love with these two and we hope you are too!


Show Zach and Toria some love and come by the office for your next headshot or video!


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  1. Awesome!!! Welcome Zach and Toria I can’t wait to meet you!

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